Tick Transposon Database

Authors: Brad Fortunato, Monil Gandhi, Kyrah Kotary, Varun Raghuraman.

This website and database were created for the Final Project in BF768: Biological Databases, Spring 2021 Semester. This project was made in partnership with Dr. Nelson Lau and Dr. Gargi Dayama, under the guidance of Dr. Gary Benson.

Tick genome data used in this database was was obtained from the following publication:
Large-Scale Comparative Analyses of Tick Genomes Elucidate Their Genetic Diversity and Vector Capacities (Jia et al.)


The purpose of this database website is to allow users to retrieve transposon information for 7 tick species. The database is searchable by tick species, transposon class, transposon order, and transposon superfamily.



See also the MTD (Mosquito Transposon Database) displaying the Redundancy-Reduced lists of repeats used in the MSRG